To travel and see and paint is for me a way of learning, part of my life philosophy


Born in Terengganu, Malaysia in 1959, Chang Fee Ming is a self-taught artist who began his career in the early 1980s. Since then he has become one of Asia’s most highly regarded artists working in watercolour. His works are acclaimed, exhibited and collected throughout the world, and have appeared regularly at auction at Christie’s and Sotheby’s since 1995. Several books have been published about his work, including The World of Chang Fee Ming (1995), The Visible Trail of Chang Fee Ming (2000), Mekong (2004), Mekong Exploring the Source {2008} and Imprinted Thoughts (2009) which was published in conjunction with his exhibition at Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI). In 2010 he launched two more publications: a book of travel sketches, Sketching Through Southeast Asia, and Visage, which features a new body of work that was inspired by his experience at Louvre Museum while observing the making of the film bearing the same title in person. For over 20 years, his subject has been the people and places of South East Asia, portrayed through an extraordinary grasp of texture and light, as well as vibrancy of colour and composition. His works are suffused with pathos as well as beauty. He is currently based in Kuala Terengganu, although he returns frequently to Bali, his second home. He spends much of his time travelling through Asia. In his own words: “To travel and see and paint is for me a way of learning, part of my life philosophy”.




1959 年,鄭輝明誕生於馬來西亞登嘉樓州,他是一名自學成功的畫家,早在上個世紀80 年代初就奠下了其藝術事業。多年以後的今天,鄭輝明已被公認為亞洲地區專攻水彩而成就超絕的畫家之一;其作品受到高度讚賞,既受邀到世界各地展出與贏得藏家青睞,自1995 年以後亦常見於嘉士德和蘇富比藝術品拍賣會上。市面上流通不少關於鄭輝明的出版物,例如,《鄭輝明的世界》(The World of Chang Fee Ming, 1995)、《鄭輝明的可見形跡》(The Visible Trail of Chang Fee Ming, 2000)、《湄公》(Mekong , 2004)、《湄公——探索生命的源頭》(Mekong Exploring the Source, 2008) 及《思考印記》(Imprinted Thoughts, 2009);後者乃由新加坡泰勒版畫院(Singapore Tyler Print Institute, STPI)配合其展覽而刊行。2010 年則出版了《東南亞旅行速寫集》(Sketching Through Southeast Asia)及《臉》(Visage),後者收錄了一組他在2008 年以特邀觀察員身份,參與蔡明亮於羅浮宮博物館拍攝的同名電影期間,深受觸動而產出的畫作。他以東南亞風土民情作爲創作題材逾20 年之久,這些景致、人物透過畫家對質感和光影的精雕細琢,以及對色彩及構圖的生動表現而躍然紙上;其作品哀婉動人,同時也賞心悅目。鄭輝明目前常居瓜拉登嘉樓,偶爾到他的「第二家園」峇厘島短暫駐留;更多時間則周遊亞洲各地。套用他自己的話說:「對我而言, 到處走走、看看以及畫畫就像一種學習方式,這畢竟是我的生活哲學了。」