Visible Trail – Glosary

Azan == Muslim call to prayers.
Bali Aga == The original inhabitants of Bali, before the Majapahit migration. They have kept their traditions.
Batik == Resist dye process of creating patterns with wax on ready-made cloth; the pattern cloth itself.
Becak == Small three-wheel vehicle propelled by a driver on a bicycle, for rent. Trishaw.
Bidadari == Heavenly graces.
Buaian == A swing; a cot for babies made with a cloth hung from a spring.
Brahmin == A member of the highest Hindu caste (priest).
Budu == A fermented fish sauce popular in the East Coast states.
Cempaka == Michelia Champaca, M. Alba; a tree of the Magno- liacea family, with very fragrant flowers.
Cengal == Neo-Balanocarpus Heimii, (Dipterocarpacea) a tropical hardwood excellent for carving as well as house and boat building.
Dar-ul-Iman == “The House of the Faith”, the Islamic name of the state of Terengganu.
Dharma == “The law”; rules of conduct in Hindu-Buddhism.
Endek == Balinese cloth, woven with ikat (tie-dye technique), threads bound on the weft.
Gajah == Elephant.
Gamelan == Indonesian traditional musical ensemble.
Geringsing == “Flaming” patterns produced by tying the weft and the warp while weaving a cloth (double ikat) made in the Tenganan village in Bali.
Guru == Teacher; master.
Hantu == Ghost.
Ikan == Fish.
Ikan Bilis == Anchovies (Stolephorus indicus).
Ikan Parang == Wolf Herring (Chirorentrus dorab).
Ikan Selayang == Sardines (Decapterus ruselli).
Ikat == To tie or bind; method for creating patterns on cloth by tying threads in the weft or in the warp before it is woven to prevent dye from penetrating the fibres.
Imam == Islamic leader of prayers.
Jalan == Street, road; to walk.
Jamu == Herbal medicine.
Jambu == Rose-apple and guava, Eugenia and Psidium species; very common in villages.
Jukung Boat in Bali.
Kain == Cloth; also long tubular skirt worn by men and women (sarong).
Kamben == Balinese kain.
Kampong == Malay village, neighbourhood, place of origin, settlement.
Kampong Tiong == Chinese village, or settlement in Terengganu.
Kemboja == Frangipani; Plumeria acutifolia; also called Bunga Jepun in Bali.
Kenanga == A fragrant flower (Canangium odoratum, Anno-naceae).
Keris; Kris == Malay and Indonesian dagger with a wavy blade; often an heirloom, reputedly charged with magic powers.
Kerupuk == Fish crackers.
Kraton == Javanese walled palace, the centre of an active artistic life—music, singing etc.
Legong == Balinese dance; also the name given to the dancer.
Medusa == A gorgon or female monster from Greek mythology. It turned humans into stone.
Melis == Ceremonial bathing of the Gods.
Mengkuang == A palm tree (Pandanus tectorius), used for weaving mats.
Naga == Dragon, water serpent.
Ngejot == Small daily offering (in Bali).
Nirvana == State of undisturbed bliss or vacuity obtained by the enlightened (Buddhism).
Nusa == Island.
Odalan == Temple anniversary festival; occurs every 210 days or once in a lunar-solar year.
Padi == Rice, when in the field.
Pahala == In Islam, a reward for doing a good deed.
Pencak == Silat Martial art.
Perahu == Boat.
Pongyi == Burmese Buddhist monk.
Puputan == Balinese fight to death.
Pura == Temple enclosure with courtyards.
Rama == Hero of the Ramayana epic poem.
Sailendra == 8th century pre-Majapahit Buddhist empire, left Borobodur in Java.
Samsara == Sufferings, Hindu-Buddhist perception of life made of tribulations.
Sarong == Tubular skirt, worn by men and women in South East Asia. Sheath, wrapper.
Sawah == Rice field.
Shiva == The Creator and the Destroyer God from the Hindu Trinity.
Sita == The faithful wife of Rama.
Skuci == 12-30ft sailing boat from the east coast of Malaysia with pointed ends.
Tais == Handwoven cloth in West Timor.
Teruna == Unmarried young man.
Tirta == Holy water.
Wahyu == Divine Inspiration (Arabic), also “Vayu” (Sanskrit): Wind God. And Bayu (Indonesian/Malay): breeze.
Wallace Line == Imaginary line between the Asian and Australasian botanical and zoological realms. It runs through the Straits of Lombok, East of Bali.
Wayang kulit == Shadow puppet theatre.
Wayang topeng == Play where actors use masks—topeng.
Wishnu == Vishnu, powerful, benevolent God from the Hindu Trinity.