Sketching Through Southeast Asia



Sketching Through Southeast Asia tells a different story about Southeast Asia than the dominant narrative that has largely preoccupied itself with the region’s modernity, urbanisation and economic growth.

As a collection of sketches, it demonstrates Chang Fee Ming’s insatiable appetite for travelling and recording the realities that are increasingly threatened by the homogenising forces of modernity and his sympathy towards our cultural inheritance and traditional ways of life.

Sketching Through Southeast Asia is not a lamentation of vanishing worlds but a commitment to the spirited yet unassuming courage of the ordinary people of Southeast Asia. It draws from them a lesson about other models of living, other ways of relating to one’s environment as well as one another.

The book divides the artist’s travel into five easy to follow categories: Market and Meeting Place, Culture and Tradition, Work and Livelihood, Rest and Leisure, Garden and Landscape. From the fishing coasts of the Nusantara to the farming communities of Indochina, this body of sketches illustrates the complex socio-cultural make up of the region and once again proves Chang Fee Ming’s artistic versatility as Malaysia’s unrivalled contemporary watercolourist.

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Journey to Tembok



There’s something special about Bali. Almost everyone who comes to the island feels it.While Kuta and Seminyak flow with bustling vein of tourists in direct contrast, Spa Village Resort Tembok, B ali is a peaceful spa resort tucked away on the tip of the northeastern coast. Yet there’s a subtle vibrancy runs through this part of Bali; epic stories that lurk in its history and a raw natural beauty evident in its simple landscape.

This unique travel journal come to be from a mutual love for this island of the Gods, between Dato’ Mark Yeoh, who chose the village of Tembok for his first spa resort, and Chang Fee Ming, who has been exploring its hidden beauty for years riding through dusty tracks on a little motorbike.

Filled with sketches and anecdotes from Fee Ming, inspired by his journey to Tembok, this travel journal can be more than just a memento of your time; it can also be a place to jot down your thoughts, capture a moment or just sketch whatever catches your eye. Perhaps within these pages you will be inspired, as Fee Ming was, and create something of your very own.

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