From South China Sea…To Mount Agung

From South China Sea….



I have known Chang Fee Ming since a watercolour art exhibition in 1980s. I have also witnessed his creative process from his early Terengganu series till his Visage series, which was exhibited in Singapore recently. Over the years I have also collected some of his works.

Fee Ming is a self-taught artist who has no formal artistic education. His skills are purely born from his labour of love and painstaking hard work from the moment he decided to become an artist.

Indeed, it is the bridle and spur that makes a good horse. I remember Fee Ming telling me that it was the lack of formal artistic training that had spurred him to hone his skills stroke by stroke, diligently and steadfastly for the past twenty or thirty years. Due to his assiduous approach, Fee Ming is not a prolific artist. His works are rare gems; each piece takes a very long time to produce.

Success is not attained by chance but by choice. Fee Ming’s achievement affords us a lesson that merits attention. His works are the combination of artistic gift and passionate perserverance. He has a realistic view of the world and takes his works seriously. He is meticulous and demands perfection for every piece of his painting.

Artistic creativity is like the vast ocean where hidden treasures await the explorers. Renowned in the international art scenes, Fee Ming is ever passionate about art. To him, monetary gain is only secondary. His love for art is unswerving though one is most likely to find such vivid passion in his paintings than his disposition. It is therefore an honour for Pipal Fine Art to host “From South China Sea”, the first of Fee Ming’s two part homage to the North-eastern shores of Penisular Malaysia and the island of Bali, the two places that have inspired him the most.

Hoe Say Yong,
Pipal Fine Art



To Mount Agung.


It is always a delight to work with Chang Fee Ming. He is not only extreamly artistic, but he is also very organized. He thinks of everything. From the theme of the exhibition ot the display. From choosing the frame to arranging the catalog.

In 1999, we took a trip, by bus, from Singapore to Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. I wanted to visit his hometown to see how he lived. I also wanted to see his work. There, we planned his first solo exhibition in Bali to be held the following year. He showed me both his newer and older work that he kept very systematic for the exhibition. It was not diffcult to make a decision because everything was well prepared. His hard work was paid off because it turned out to be a very successful exhibition.

Almost every year since then he visited me in Bali. Last year during his visit, we had a chat about exhibition the sketches he made during his journey from Bali to the South China Sea. This idea has grown into this full exhibition of not only his intricate sketches but also his important new work. This time we do it in two places ; one in Bali and one in Kuala Lumpur, to follow the story of the theme of the exhibition.

Again, working with Fee Ming is not very difficult. He does his homework. Like I said, he really thinks of everything. In a short time he managed to organize two exhibitions that are more than 1500 km apart. Through this exhibition, Chang Fee Ming brings us into a visual journey, conveying the lyricism of Asian life with his supers skills to capture a snapshot of the different cultures and landscape he withnessed.

Komaneka Fine Art Gallery is hanoured to work with him again.

Koman Wahyu Suteja,
Komaneka Fine Art Gallery Bali.