Swahili Coast


Chang Fee Ming returns this year with a series of work entitled ‘Swahili Coast’. This series is composed of over two dozen detailed sketches and small watercolours, and one new large painting. The works were inspired by his travels to East Africa late last year. “To travel and see and paint is for me a way of learning, part of my life philosophy” said Fee Ming during his Mekong exhibition in 2004. As such, just shortly after that major solo exhibitions were completed, the artist was setting off again to see the world and paint again. making difficult journeys through Yunnan, Tibet, Qinghai, Szechuan in his quest to seek the source of the Mekong river before moving on to Africa. The results are brimming with new colours and textures from a culture previously unexplored by the artist. Followers of this eminent Malaysian watercolourist will notice that wherever he goes, Fee Ming always returns with heartfelt and soulful portraits of the people, and pictures of places carrying a quiet charm not so unlike his Terengganu hometown.